Speaking and Media


On "Failure as the Launch Pad for Success"... "We were thrilled to have Tamara Levitt deliver her keynote “Failure as the Launch Pad for Success” to the Claude Watson Arts students at Earl Haig Secondary School. Tamara offered a presentation that resonated with the students and helped validate some of their own experiences. Her talk inspired a turning of the wheels if you will for some of the students to start thinking about how to approach their future and the possibilities that are open to them. What was most inspiring was how she followed up sharing her own personal experiences of failures with the ways in which she transformed those defeats into triumphs. It was inspiring to see how she came back full circle, teaching students the successful model she uses herself."
- Tara Lee Blight, B.F.A., B. Ed, M.F. Artistic Director - Claude Watson Secondary Arts Program Earl Haig Secondary School
On “How to find the Calm within the Chaos”... "After much research, we were so happy - and lucky - to find Tamara to participate in our event. Our challenge was finding an expert who could show our intended audience (the media) how they could incorporate meditation into their lives without it being overwhelming or too philosophical. Tamara far exceeded our expectations and connected with all of our attendees in a friendly, down-to-earth approach. Everyone - including our corporate employees - left feeling exhilarated, relaxed and ready to face their days with a new perspective! Thank you for making our event a huge success!"
- Marijana Klapcic, Communications and Public Relations Specialist Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd.
On "The Value of Failure: Transforming Defeats into Victories"... "Tamara’s timely presentation on the value of failure, passionately delivered important messages about resiliency, coping and the importance of redefining what failure should mean to us. The authenticity of her messages came from her candid sharing of her own story. Her honesty, as revealed through the sharing of her own personal struggles, immediately drew students in. I would highly recommend Tamara to other schools; I am confident that her powerful messages will be appreciated by others, just as they were by our students."
Talia Klement ACL of Student Services, Guidance Counsellor William Lyon Mackenzie C.I.